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C-Level Executives Concerned About Keeping Clients,
New Study Reveals  
Survey of more than 500 C-Level Executives In Europe and the U.S. Reveals Data Security, Client Retention as Top Priorities
Nearly half of C-Level executives are concerned about a disruptive company entering their industry and cutting into their market share, revealed a new report from ChristianSteven Software – a leading business intelligence software provider. The ChristianSteven BI Report outlines the results of an international survey of more than 500 C-Level executives revealing the priorities, concerns and expectations for technology that are driving business decisions across industries.

"Our study allowed us to take a close look at the business and IT concerns that top executives are focused on, allowing us to provide the best BI reporting," said Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO of ChristianSteven Software. "We learned that even during these times of political and economic uncertainty and technology, American and European executives are cautiously optimistic. Some fear competition from a new market disruptor or automation, but most are hopeful about the role technology will play in their businesses moving forward.

Additional findings from the ChristianSteven Software BI Report include:

– 51.4% of executives surveyed rate gaining or retaining clients as their top business priority for 2017
– Over half of respondents (59.1%) are not concerned that increased automation will threaten their businesses 
– 91.4 % of C-level professionals surveyed are hopeful about the future of technology in their business

ChristianSteven Software is a business intelligence software provider based in Charlotte, NC. With more than a decade of experience working with over 1000 CIOs, ChristianSteven Software provides unmatched business intelligence solutions that CIOs need. For more information and findings from the ChristianSteven Software BI Report, read on.
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46.5%, Security – protecting internal data and client/customer information.
30.2%, Information – the world or technology and big data seems to change daily, and staying up to date is as important as it is difficult.
23.3%, Automation – my business fills a need that may become automated, making our business model obsolete.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software

"ChristianSteven Software has long known that real time information is the number one business intelligence priority across industries," said CEO Christian Ofori-Boateng. "We know that goes hand in hand with information security, and will continue to hold both needs as a top priority in product development."
54.8% It's one of our top 3 concerns.
34.6% It's important, but not a top priority.
10.6% Not a concern/don't store data.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software

The business landscape for 2017 is a mix of caution and optimism, with 91.4% of executives surveyed feeling hopeful about the future of IT and how it will affect their businesses. 
More than half [53.1%] of those executives, though, are concerned that a new disruptor will enter their marketplace and diminish their company's marketshare.
46.9% No.
53.1% Yes.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software
"As we look at the rest of 2017, the biggest concern for executives we surveyed was surrounding clients and customers, with 51.4% ranking gaining or retaining customers as their top business priority," noted Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO of ChristianSteven software, a leading business intelligence provider. "We can also expect technology advancements to  play a big role in business for the rest of 2017, as 34% of respondents cited this as their top focus for the year."
39.5% Real-time information and updates.
21% Detailed data analysis.
14.5% Multiple platform capabilities (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, etc.).
12.2% Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
6.5% Process and reporting automation.
6.3% Real-time support from BI experts.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software
91.4% Hopeful.
8.6% Fearful.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software
34% Making technology and/or product advancements to stay ahead of competitors.
29.5% Gaining new clients and/or customers.
21.9% Retaining clients and/or customers.
14.6% Recruiting top talent.
Source: for ChristianSteven Software
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